New years resolution

Just because i didn’t say it before at the traditionally appropriate time, Happy new year everyone. Though if you count the whole year as the new year then there’s no problem and if time is an illusion then is there a year and if there is, when is it new?…. These are good questions for people far more clever than me, i’ll just stick to a well reasoned opinion….. There more fun anyway.


So, last year i made a new years resolution to be more sociable. To go out drinking more, go to parties, dancing, out with work. I was determined to have fun and get some!

A year later and i have to say, it’s been a total success! I have made far more friends and seen them far more. My use of social media has sky rocketed, i went dancing and drinking and i had a lot of fun. 2014….. good year. I mean, who actually keeps there resolutions, and follows them through, for the entire year… and some of my closer friends have actually commented on how much more I’ve been putting myself out there. I’m actually very proud of myself.

So for 2015, what could i do but sustain the momentum…. i vowed 2 things. 1, that i would stay just as sociable, if not get even more sociable! And 2, that i would get into a relationship. It’s been one month and i’m just as sociable as ever plus…. I’m dating! I don’t know how the fuck that happened, but i am. Me and this special lady shared our first outing together on my birthday and have followed it up with other meetings and encounters since. I must say i’m rather enjoying it, both being in a relationship (this is my first serious one) and being with a girl (first girl I’ve dated).

I must say i am at a high point in my life right now. I’m starting a relationship, i have a new decent car (Pergout 207 GT), i enjoy my job, i’m making ends meet on short hours (i get longer hours soon for the summer as they change with the seasons) and i realize i have lots of friends who enjoy my company and support me. Right now, i love my life.

I know it probably seems like i’m showing off a bit here, but often i feel so shitty about my existence, i feel I’ve earned the right to fell good about it and share those feelings. I can guarantee there will a low to this high, as there is always is. The road uphill and the road downhill are one in the same, but while i’m up here, i might as well enjoy the view.

That Other Guy


2 thoughts on “New years resolution

  1. Thank you Humanity777 for the like. I’ve definitely typed that name before, so thank you all so for your continued readership, i very much appreciate it πŸ™‚


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