Sixpence None The Richer – Kiss Me

I’ve never heard this song before tonight – at least, not knowing what it was – and here I am, reviewing it. What do I think, though?

Well, for one, I know I’ve heard it somewhere, and I just can’t place it, and it’s going to bug me until I work it out…

It sounds like your generic girl-band pop song, and I suppose, in a way, it is. It’s a girl singing about wanting to be kissed in this beautiful location, where everything has been prepared to turn it into what I presume would be her perfect kiss. I don’t know what constitutes the parameters of the perfect kiss, but having seen The Princess Diaries, there is somewhat of an expectation that a first kiss be particularly special, for better or for worse.

What can I say about the song? Well, the lyrics help to display this wonderful image of a beautiful locale, and a shared experience between two, presumably, young lovers. It’s a wonderful thought that the two of them, whoever they may be, are sharing the experience together, by the broken tree-house, and along the path that is on one of their father’s maps.

It is, in essence then, a short love story, told as the love is being felt, as opposed to being from before or after. That’s almost a rare thing, as most romances show the love in all three stages, as opposed to picking one and sticking with it. On a side-note, it’d be refreshing to see a love story that maintains the pre-love plot and refuses to allow the characters to actually reach the goal they seek.

But enough of that – I quite enjoy the song – Kiss Me, being as simple a song as it is, is one that I can easily see myself humming along to, no matter where I might be next time I hear it. Knowing me, I’ll be sat here, writing a review with Spotify on, and so, I shall most certainly ensure to sing along too!

It does not, however, stand out enough to be a so-called “perfect song”. It’s just your generic love song, and although that’s what it makes it good, it can never make it great.


That Guy

4 thoughts on “Sixpence None The Richer – Kiss Me

      1. I was of the teenage persuasion at the time and “Kiss me” was the hit song from that movie, so it was all over the radio then 🙂 So you may have just heard it in the background somewhere too 🙂


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