Superbowl XLIX – Seattle Seahawks VS New England Patriots

Right then. For those of you who do not know, I, That Guy, live in the UK, I do not follow sport, and I know very little about the rule of sports other than football (or soccer, if you will), golf, tennis and badminton. I sort of understand rugby too, but I’m a little fuzzy on the complete rules. Maybe I know more about sport than I think.

Point is, I know NOTHING about American Football, either NFL or otherwise. I don’t even know if there is anything other than the NFL. I don’t know who’s good at it, who’s bad at it, or even how anyone would know either of those things. I do, however, know that I’m watching the match tonight, and once I’ve seen it, I’ll write-up what I think of it. Cheerleaders and all…

Okay, so, I’ve seen the match…

First off, I was supporting the Seahawks right from the start. When Malcolm Butler, of the Patriots, intercepted the touchdown pass – which would have taken the Seahawks clear by two points, before they go for the extra point or two point conversion, with less than 2 minutes of play to go – I was as devastated probably the most devastated person in the world, that doesn’t follow the sport and was watching it for the sake of something to do, and supporting the team because of a split-second decision based on NOTHING…

So, I knew nothing going into the match, and almost all of the above was written without assistance. I had to check the surname of the Patriots player, and I had to check the name of the extra point and two point conversion, as I thought they were both called a conversion and started to question it last night, or rather, this morning, at 3am. I chose not to check then. I chose to sleep.

My point, is that I have learnt. I’ve learnt how American Football works. Maybe not the whole sport – I don’t know what constitutes a foul other than being offside, and even then, the only offside I’m sure about is when the defending team rush the scrim before the ball has snapped (check out the lingo!). I’m pretty sure that this offence was what buggered up the Seahawks. Twice, with consequence, they had an offside ruling against them, the first time taking the Patriots from a 3rd and 3, (down and yards, for those who don’t know), to a 1st and 10. I don’t fully understand the way that the downs and yards thing works, but from my layman’s perspective, it meant that the Patriots had 3 more chances to achieve the yardage goal require for a successful offensive move, allowing them to, ultimately, score a touchdown and extra point, which, had the offside not occurred, would probably not have happened.

The second time, of course, was almost inconsequential. They were all the way over at the Patriots end-zone, with about a minute left on the clock, and the only way (from a layman’s perspective) the Seahawks could win, would be from an interception into touchdown, or two field goals, which, let’s be honest, isn’t likely to happen in the space of a minute and a bit…

So, the game was pretty good. I enjoyed the most of it. Got a bit annoying trying to work out which way the ball was meant to be going, but in the end, we worked out it was a matter of supporting the guys in the darker clothes and hoping the guys in white didn’t make it from the grey line to the yellow line. Doesn’t sound very technical? Just go ahead and tell me it’s wrong!

Now, that does look technical…

That’s a point, actually. I barely saw any cheerleaders. Okay, sure, I missed most of the pre-match coverage (I was making snacks), but I’d have expected to see more of them, and, let’s be fair, everyone always wants to see more of them. From my pre-game research, I know that there’s been some controversy over the role of cheerleaders and wages and the jiggle test, but I didn’t expect it to have such an impact at the Superbowl…

Something tells me they passed, by the way…

Regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed the match. I truly did. I may not have understood much of it for the first half – just check out my Twitter – but I got the hang of it in the end. I think that next time, I might actually be able to support a team a bit more properly. I mean, bloody hell – it’ll be Superbowl L. Who would want to miss that?

You may notice that I didn’t mention the adverts, before now. Well, over here in the UK, we were treated to a glimpse of some of the best adverts, as ruled by some impartial witness, it seems. Well, with that in mind, I’m biased. I’m pissed that we didn’t get the adverts all the Americans got. I really am. I recommend you look up the Liam Neeson / Clash of Clans advert though. It didn’t make me laugh, but I saw the amusement in it. I won’t link here, because that would be me advertising an advert and then someone’ll hashtag it or something and I’ll be a hypocrite or, alternatively, insert an excuse you’ve come up with for me, or, alternatively, I just can’t be arsed.

I enjoyed the game, and I look forward to the next one. I really do.

That Guy

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