Benny4700’s Opinion’s on: The 2015 General Election

The upcoming election is a major event in my lifetime as it will be the first time I will be able to vote. As is tradition on this site, I want to share my brief views with you regarding each party and give some insight into who I’m considering voting for.


David Cameron is an out of touch, snob who seems to think himself a master rather than a servant of the people. The current government damaged the NHS greatly with insane waiting times and poor treatment of staff and patients alike and the few standout achievements they had (legalising gay marriage and overturning Section 28) are the result of desperation for votes. The most that can be said for them is that the economy is doing rather well under them although I’m not entirely convinced leaving the nations coffers in the hands of any other party would be totally disasterous.

Ed Milliband has received a lot of flack for being weird but I quite like that; it makes him seem like the average man on the street. Perhaps the wrong brother was chosen but I see no real reason why his image and personality is a huge reason not to elect him. Labour has apologised for the failure to regulate the banks under Brown, a move which is entirely necessary as no doubt the damage that boring Scot did is etched on the contemporary public conscious like the word ‘hate’ on Piers Morgan’s heart. The NHS crisis would perhaps be dealt with better under Labour as it is the Socialist party and the NHS is a socialist concept. I will probably be voting Labour.

The Liberal Democrats

Nick Clegg has been invisible to the media for the past few months, so much so that your average moron could be forgiven for forgetting the man even exists. I would call Clegg likable, charismatic and potentially the most popular leader out of the five were it not for his party’s public invisibility and that little debacle regarding University fees; a matter which I’m sure was born out of ignorance rather than malice but will nevertheless haunt him for the rest of his political career.


Everyone I have talked to about Nigel Farage agrees with me when I say that were it not for his political views, you would like him. UKIP’s biggest problem isn’t really Nigel Farage (although if you get him in front of an audience for an hour or two he begins to crack and call them all BBC, Communist stooges) it’s the majority of UKIP MP’s. I’m certain not everybody associated with UKIP is a racist, immigration is a hot button issue and it has to be discussed, but when you have a party that seems to believe every one of the country’s problems can be dealt with by leaving the EU then you’re bound to attract some racists. UKIP will not win this election, even Nigel Farage knows that, and I doubt they’ll get nearly as many seats as the media seems to think. It’s a shame Nigel Farage is slightly racist because he is certainly one of the more down to earth and, dare I say, likable of all the candidates.

The Green Party

I know nothing about the leader of the Green Party but I do agree with the majority of their policies, aside from animal testing and Trident. My only real problem with the Greens is that, despite being the party of common sense, they don’t seem to have any idea of where they’ll get the money to fund any of their projects. I don’t think they’ll win but I don’t think the Green Party do either. If anything, their goal should be to gain attention and I think they’ve done that. I really hope they’ll get seats and I may even vote for them.


Nicola Sturgeon is a strong politician and if the referendum on Scottish Independence has told us anything then it’s that the SNP is a powerful political force. However, I have a lot of concern regarding where the parties interest lies. I, along with many others, believe that the SNP is a Scottish party for Scottish people and that should they get into power they will spend the majority of their time working for the benefit of Scotland. This Coalition of Chaos thing has some merit in it but only because we’d have two parties, Labour and the SNP, pulling in different directions. The real threat in this election isn’t UKIP, it’s the SNP.

Plaid Cymru

I went to Wales once. It was nice.

So there you have it, my brief views on the upcoming election. I’d like to leave you with some words of advice. I’ve heard several complete idiots, who shall remain nameless, state they they will vote for one party rather than another because they don’t believe the other party has a chance of winning. That goes against everything it means to vote. Don’t vote for a party you are simply ok with because you don’t think the party you really want to vote for will win, vote for the party whose policies best reflect your views and beliefs. Sure, they may not win but that’s not the point. The point is, you made your voice heard and besides, votes still matter. Your vote may well go towards laying the groundwork for a future win for your party. Don’t waste your vote.


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