Tomb Raider (2013)

Hello there! First review since I started reviewing again. What else could it be, eh?

I love Xbox. I may have a 360, as opposed to a One (it’s a financial decision), but that’s great. I get 2 free games a month – recently,  it was Tomb Raider, the one released in 2013. Here’s what I think.

Check out that ass!

First off, graphically, it’s fan-fucking-tastic! Like, I saw it in SD, and having just set the Xbox to HD over the weekend, I just want to play this again in HD now.

In terms of game play, the controls were relatively easy to get a hang of, and soon, I mastered them. After a while, I was doing things that amazed the hell out of me. I’m not a fan of QuickTime events, and although the game started with a fair few, they quickly became a forgotten feature. I’m a little disappointed about it to be honest.

This is one hell of a telegraph pole!

The story was your typical survive on an uninhabited island which turns out to not be uninhabited and the inhabitants are hostile as fuck. It gripped me with the supernatural elements and the open world exploration. I like open world. I like them a lot.

Run, bitch, run!

Ah. The soundtrack. I can’t remember it. True story.

All things considered,  I enjoyed the game, and I recommend that you play if you get a chance.


That Guy

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