OMI – Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn remix) Review

Hi everyone, That other guy here. It’s because my laptop broke recently; which was a good thing as it turns out cause it gave me the opportunity to visit That Guy, who fixed it for me, and has led so fa to two very fun visits. They have so far borrowed my laptop, so TG could play The Walking Dead: season 2 and his girlfriend Claudia has borrowed my Game of thrones season 4 boxset, yet i still feel i owe them a house warming gift….. 

So this song is currently at the UK number 1 (Source: Radio One official top 40) and i have heard it a lot. So i thought i would share my thoughts on it, then break it apart and ruin it’s dreams….. ok, so lets get started. I will look at 4 parts, as this will be as organised as any of my other reviews, music, video, lyrics and my opinion.


The music is catchy. To elaborate: This song focuses around the Bongos, no doubt for a summer beach type feel as were approaching Summer album time. The Bongos in this song are matched to a piano and trumpet duo. I wouldn’t have thought this marriage would have worked but the trumpet is expertly played at an upbeat tempo to match the bongo’s and the piano fills in the gaps. It has got a good but relaxed pace, not dance but still upbeat and quick rhythmic movement making it very catchy.


The whole video screams Hot. Hot girls, hot car, hot guys on a hot beach in summer. It puts across the relaxed summer atmosphere first, slows down, then picks up again at the end for the night party time section. It’s a smooth video, but i feel it lacks content. I mean everything just feels on such a small scale. It’s putting across having a chilled out time with your friends, i know that but sometimes, especially when it slows down in the middle, i just wonder how many shots of the musicians and the seascape could have been replaced by a scene of something, like maybe a beach bonfire and happy drinking, or volleyball… There wasn’t enough content in the video and they streched it thin to cover the song, but it’s still a good video and it puts across all the right feelings for the song.


In summary, the lyrics are really sweet. For example the line “All these other girls are tempting, but i’m empty when you’re gone” is referring to the feeling of loss you get when you lose someone that you care for. He’s referring to his girlfriend throughout the song as a cheerleader because that is obviously the greatest compliment he can think to refer to her as; which is fair enough because when you think of a stereotypical cheerleader you think of a very beautiful, sexy, fit girl with a personality to match.
The only problem i have with these lyrics is that there not strong enough. I can get from these lyrics that he has strong feeling about this girl and that this girl is pretty much perfect for him, “always in my corner, right there when i want her” and that he thinks he’s found his match, and probably that she thinks the same. Only the last line of the last verse is “Now all that’s left to do is for me to pop the question”….. I didn’t get a message of love from these lyrics. Strong close feelings yes… love, no. There’s affection and feeling in the words, but basically what he’s saying is i’ll marry her because i’ll never do any better. He’s put her across the entire song as his perfect idea of a girlfriend and that he doesn’t want to lose her, but forgive me for saying that i don’t think that alone is enough. Called me old fashioned but i feel to marry someone you should love them with all your heart (He never mentions even the word love in the song) and you should want to spend the rest of your life with that person, not just because you don’t feel you can do any better than a cheerleader (I know i just took a words a bit literally there but it gets my point across)

My opinion

In my totally unprofessional reviewers opinion, i like this song. It’s a catchy melody, good lyrics – great hook, and relaxing to listen to.This is definitely a summer album and it’s already been in the charts a long time and it’s not even Summer yet, so i don’t expect this song to leave the charts any time soon. If you don’t like it, unless something better comes out soon, you may wish to invest in a set of summer earplugs.


That Other Guy


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