The A-Team (2010)

And now for film three, queued to be published whilst 3/4 of the team are sat sharing a pint in my local. Cheers!

I saw The A-Team back when it came out, but back then, I wasn’t reviewing, so when Film 4 showed it the other night, I figured, “review it now”, so here I am.

We all know the premise – the A-Team are four ex – military, extra – military contractors who specialise in solving problems that people have in weird and wonderful ways. In this case, they get turned onto recovering some USD printing plates, but get framed for their destruction, plus the murder of a US general. And they spend the rest of the film trying to clear their name.

What I like about the film is the absurdity. You know that every moment of it is highly unlikely, from the helicopter chase at the start, to the container explosion at the end, via tank – flying about 1/2 way through. It’s an exercise in imagination, as you convince yourself that, really, it could work like that. So that’s nice, if a little unrealistic.

In terms of acting, we’re all thinking of Bradley Cooper and Liam Neeson, as Faceman and Hannibal respectively, but to me, the whole film is stolen by Sharlto Copley (Murdock), also seen in District 9, a fantastic film. His touch of useful, crazy and downright awesome is superb and I really think he makes the film.

For a 5 year old film, the visuals are stunning, other than the container moment I mentioned earlier, but there’s always a scene that let’s down an action movies visuals. In this case, it’s that one.

I can’t actually fault the film, which disappoints me, because it was far from perfect, but each element stands up to criticism, to me. I guess it’s got to be the realism that reduces the score on this one.

I enjoy the film, and I would happily watch it again.


That Guy

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