Museum Of Simulation Technology

So, for those of you that are up to date with upcoming games and the like, you’ve probably heard of Pillow Castle, and their upcoming release “Museum Of Simulation Technology”. At the end of October, they released an updated tech-demo, which you can find here, or watch below:

Now, I’ve played The Stanley Parable, and I loved it, and to me, this looks like it will be an enjoyable game to experience. You’ve got the first person puzzle platform game, as perfected by Portaland then perfected even further with Portal 2 (as reviewed here, here and here! – and yes, even I think we might have overdone it with that particular game!

That doesn’t look much like an exit to me!

If, like me, you love games with twists, you’ll have got excited with the perspective element of the demo above. It adds an element that I’ve never seen in any other game, ever, and I think combining perceptual reality with actual reality, within a video game, is a fantastic idea, and anyone who sees it is going to wish they’d come up with it, or at the very least, were capable to jumping on the bandwagon and making their own version.

The real clincher is this though – they need to make sure they vary the puzzles somewhat. I know it’s important to make sure that the gamer understands that they will need to re-size an object in order to achieve a goal, as brilliantly demonstrated in the video, but having to, I dunno, fit shapes through one of those shaped hole things, or, get a ball at the right size to complete a run (a lá Mouse Trap). It livens the whole experience up. But, in all fairness, these guys probably know that.

All in all, I’m looking forward to the finished product, and the day it gets put onto Steam, it’ll be going onto my list of games. And then we’ll see just how great it really is.

That Guy

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