Adele “Hello”

This month for me is being manic. I have a solid 11 days at work still to look forward to, as well as a car to service and MOT plus a social life to maintain. It seems i keep coming back here just to complain about the rest of my life. You lot are my arm chair therapists, my local barber, keeping me sane for a few weeks more…. thank you all x

So Adele’s new album 25 is out and it’s title song, as i’m sure you all know is Hello. I’m sure you all know this because it has been the target of many many memes since it’s release, in no small part including Lionel Richie…. it is true the two of them could probably set up the world first love orientated pay-per-minuet chat line…. but has this new hit song of Adele’s done more than cause a few laughs.

Well, yes. According to the official chart company it was number 1 for 3 weeks and remained in the top 40 for 11 weeks in total. Apart from that, it’s been a radio prime time favorite for a long while now and has been cover creatively already by many other artists, only adding to the songs, and it’s host albums’, popular profile.

So now to get into what the song is about, and this song is not classic Adele. Let me explain: Adele is seen by many as the heart break queen, singing of love lost, love broken and being given a broken heart. Nearly all of her most popular songs are about heartbreak from a guy leaving her, or her and a guy falling out of love, but the constant pattern is she either shares in the blame for the split, and is only half a victim as is her other, or she is the victim of the broken heart….

But in this one, she is singing “Hello from the other side” and she is the one that has caused the heart break! Dumdumdummmm…… AND I LOVE IT! Rant time:
Recently i have not kept my feelings secret that i feel that there is too much bias in media towards women always being the victims and men always being the heart-breakers. Although i cannot deny that there are very horrible douche-bags of men out there (believe me ladies, i know), the idea that social media and the internet in general seem to be portraying presently that all men are like this and that break ups and heart ache are never a woman’s fault…. This is simply not true.

This is maybe Adele’s way of putting this message across, as she may share my view, or maybe she just wrote a good song and is thinking of the cash, however, this song is relevant in this context and that’s why i like it so much. It admits that she has caused the heart break for once, and after a time apart from this person, is calling to try and make amends. Thus “Hello from the other side” of the heart break, of the pain, because this time she calling from the side that caused it.

Now for me to chew up and spit out the lyrics and sadly their isn’t much Adele has served me up to chew on. The entire is song is just the chorus repeated over and over. there’s two good hooks after the only two verses; yep, just two! and the space in between the chorus repeat and the big finish (surprise!) chorus repeat is a bunch of owww-ing REPEATING the word anymore again and again.

The song does read like a phone call. I dare you all to go to Direct Lyrics now and read the words with no sound or melody to them, just the punctuation. They read exactly as a phone call, which was very creative, and why the music in this song is so important. the slow piano is the perfect accompaniment to this Adele’s powerful voice. Only now there’s not much else to say.

So…. lyrics, nothing but a catchy and meaningful chorus with some well delivered hooks but a great great singer with some beautiful music, and you’ve got to respect that.



That Other Guy

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