The Peanuts movie (2015)

So i went to see this movie with my girlfriend earlier this month, on my insistence for once…. usually it’s my sister dragging me round the cinema to see children movies but this time i was the one dragging some other victim to one. I was a Charlie Brown fan as a kid so the “child within”as it were, came out in me this time, and my poor, sweet, done nothing to upset me, innocent girlfriend had to put up with me for the whole thing…. bless her; but we’ve just past our 1 year dating milestone, so if she still doesn’t know what she’s dating…. shame on her really XD

So anyway, this movie had sparked my interest early on and was a big hit in my mind…. and i hoped the actual thing lived up to what i imagined. The whole movie is beautifully re-imagined in 3D animated drawings and actually that makes it very much the same as the peanuts comics in appearance; which was just the best thing i think they could have possibly done. The colors stood out and the movement of the character sprites was as smooth satin sheets on shaved legs. You know when you run an old game in a new format for a new console and all you can think is “please be as good as the first time” over and over in your head, and then when you play it, it’s the same game and only the graphics are better. That’s what this movie feels like.

It did not disappoint on the story either. To avoid spoilers, i’ll be general and say that Charlie develops a crush, while Snoopy gets lost in his own imagination, and the story all so involves kite flying, of course. They stuck true to the comic styles and writings of Charles Schulz and in doing so, have shown that they realize that the comics have a true fan base already and there was no need of new in this movie. Experimenting would have only caused riots among the loyal fan base and for kites to be burned in protest. This movie is the Charlie Brown and Snoopy you know, so good job Mr Martino.

This was director Steve Martino’s second movie as a director as he co-directed Horton Hears a Who! which was a great starting point for experience before he took this on all on his own. If he’s out looking to make a name for himself in animated movies, as that is his background and the animation in this movie is indeed unique in style and appearance, i think he’s off to a great startI can’t wait to see what direction he takes next…

This movie is in many ways like a bag of peanuts…. greatly appealing to look at but a little hard to chew. It’s based on a comic, so less believable plot points are covered by the unreal nature of the original format, and it was funny, and it was entertaining, but clearly it was a children movie. This is nothing against the movie, this is totally me, but i’m starting to realize that some child movies i am outgrowing. My tastes in entertainment have matured, so it’s unsurprising i wasn’t able to truly engage with this movie, because it wasn’t made with a 22 year old in mind. Having just written that, i concede my gf and i we’re not the only adults without a child at the screening and just because i don’t enjoy these movies as much any more doesn’t mean i can’t appreciate them. This movie i particularly appreciated as it bought to life a small but fun part of my childhood. It was worth going to see.

The voice over acting was done well, and all the movie is done in the truest of Peanut styles, and if you know what that is then you know there’s not a lot more to say.


That Other Guy

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