Star Trek Beyond

Lights, camera, action. And we are back in business! OMG –  it’s good to be behind a keyboard talking to all you lovely people again. So how do I kick-start this… with an outdated movie review that was due sometime two years ago! YAY! So seriously i got this movie for Christmas 2016 and i just, never got round to watching it. It just sat there in my pile of outstanding plus movies looking so out-of-place in its wrapping, until literally last Wednesday. So, two years overdue, here is my review of Star Trek Beyond.

This movie is set in the frontier of known space, where the Enterprise and crew have been exploring for three years and are flying to the newest and furthest from Earth star base “the York Town” for some R&R. At this point in time Captain James T Kirk (Chris Pine) is thinking of a comfy promotion to vice-admiral of the “York Town” as he’s feeling lost in his mission of exploring uncharted space after three years, and commander Spock (Zachary Quinto) is all so planning to jump ship as he discovers his older alternate timeline self has passed away, and therefore he feels his logical place is with his people.

The “York Town” is approached by an escape pod containing the alien damsel in distress who asks for help to retrieve her crew from her ships crash and of course Kirk pulls his crew out of the bars, holo-suits or restaurants after what was i think less than 1 days shore leave to stage the rescue. Of course, it all goes pear-shaped from there… in a massive way! Now up to this point i felt the movie was rushing into the action, a problem i find with more and more movies these days. However, this first fight scene was a good moment to rush into as I’ve never seen such a beautiful display of star ship destruction. I mean the Enterprise gets killed completely and that excited me for the prospect of the movie. What will they do now?

Unfortunately, not a lot. Almost the whole movie is shot on the planet where Krall (Idris Elba) has his base of operations and all we see the general crew do is be taken captive. So now it’s up to the usual suspects to get them out of trouble and following their story was over all dull. Kirks reveal of the damsels true allegiances was as easy to see coming as torch in the dark, and predictable is boring. Another dull part was the part where they planned how to free the crew. It was important for the story and it needed to be explained but the whole feel of the scene was that it was one that should have been left on the cutting room floor.

I was impressed as always with the visuals in space but this movie only started and ended on amazing visuals and the main bones of the story were left quite visually bear. Another problem i had was the ending. They had fully explained the reasoning behind why this is what would happen in the situation that played out so it was structured to be believable and therefore to be accepted by the fans but… the end battle was cheesy! It stank more than Stilton and i was left with a pit of disappointment filling my sy-fy loving heart. You were gonna either love it or hate it and i hated it.

Krulls big reveal as well was underwhelming, and i felt that was because the scene that did it was underplayed and over with too quickly. The entire movie felt rushed, like it was just trying to jump from action scene to action scene leaving all the other content underpinned and further disappointing. My expectations for this movie were not unreasonable. I just wanted to see more of what i saw in the last two of the trilogy and that is certainly not what i got. This movie missed, by a big margin the quality the other two had set the franchise. Maybe the thought of having to compete with Disney’s new Star Wars movies put the director under pressure, but that doesn’t explain why the acting was worse, why the writing was worse and because the whole thing was rushed for the sake of the big visuals the potentially great story that this movie could have been was killed off.

I was scared this movie would not be what the last two were and i was right. It was by no means near perfect or outstanding, or excellent or even very good. It would have been if they had managed to pull off some humor but even the jokes fell flat. However, it was not a bad movie. It was disappointing; but not bad.


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