Seth Macfarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy (2008)

Since Family Guy first premiered in 1999, Seth Macfarlane has seemingly gone from strength to strength, today being heralded as a Golden child of the adult animation sub-genre. However, influential though Macfarlane’s work may be, it is riddled with problems, problems which are most evident in Seth Macfarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy (2008).

Comprised of 50 shorts and animated in the same style as Family GuySeth Macfarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy is perhaps the worst of all Macfarlane’s work. Simply put SMCCC is littered with childish homophobia, misogyny, racism, and terrible jokes. Worst of all though, is the fact that the entire special seems to be made up of cutaway gags that Macfarlane couldn’t find place for in Family Guy, overwhelmingly the least popular aspect of the show. SMCCC seems like it was created solely because Macfarlane wanted to make some money from the jokes he couldn’t use elsewhere. Instead of putting actual effort into making an interesting and funny series of shorts, SMCCC is nothing more than an excuse to make a bit of money from terrible jokes left on the cutting room floor. It’s pathetic and worse than that, its boring. Remember how Family Guy has a habit of taking unfunny jokes and stretching them out for far too long? Well, SMCCC is no different. I couldn’t tell you how many shorts spend minutes on building up a joke only to end it with a lacklustre punchline. Sure, it doesn’t sound that bad, a minute isn’t that long, right? Wrong. Try it for yourself, stare at a wall and time yourself for one minute, I promise, it will feel like an eternity.

Macfarlane is one of those creators who hate political correctness, that much is obvious from Family Guy and SMCCC is no different. Perhaps as much as a third of the shorts are based around outdated and harmful stereotypes of gay people and people of other races.  Take for example “The Gay Knight” a short featuring a cowardly, effeminate knight who refuses to kill a dragon out of fear, or perhaps “AIDS Patient Zero” a joke about AIDS. You know, AIDS? The epidemic that has killed millions of people and continues to blight the lives of millions more? Or maybe you’d prefer “A Trip to the Psychiatrist” which mocks bulimia? Its this sort of humour that makes it so much easier for people to justify treating gay people and other races like shit, because shows like Family Guy and SMCCC don’t portray them as people, they portray them as punchlines.

Another major issue with SMCCC is that it is ridiculously unfunny. I wasn’t joking when I said the shorts all felt like they were rejected Family Guy cutaways, they really are that bad. One features a man describing an animal’s penis to his father on a game show called ‘Name the animal penis!’, another sees a mountaineer defecating on a wedding. It’s just juvenile humour that makes me groan every time I see it. Seth Macfarlane is far from perfect, but he does have some talent, its just a shame that no effort whatsoever was taken in creating SMCCC. Its not just bad, its possibly one of the worst things Macfarlane has made.


One of the least funny, offensive, immature things I have ever seen. Aside from one or two minor chuckles, I hated almost every second of this and when I wasn’t angry I was bored.



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