Bruce Springsteen – Born In The U.S.A.

Welcome to part two of our Springsteen Week. This time, we tackle Born In The U.S.A. which was, funnily enough, the first song of his I knew anything about, including it’s political campaign history back in the 80’s. Funny what you know sometimes, ain’t it?

Just to prove, this is next on the list…

Born In The U.S.A.? More like Relegated To 4th Because Everyone Prefers Born To Run

I’m not actually that fond of Born In The U.S.A. either, if I’m honest – I haven’t been for years – but I can recognise that it is a well-constructed song, even if it seems like he’s screaming most of the words at a lower-than-shouting volume.

The song tells the tale of a kid that grew up being beaten, ended up in trouble with the cops and was sent to fight in Vietnam, not unlike our favourite Steamed Hams chef, Seymour Skinner.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

So, back to the song. The protagonist returns from the war and realises that he’s nothing. He can’t get a job, he’s not respected, he’s just a veteran that no-one cares about.

It’s another emotive song, with Bruce clearly drawing on some sort of experience on the matter from one side of the situation or the other.

Musically, it’s relatively simple with some decent drumming, and nothing overly complicated to replicate. It helps it get into the head easier, I guess.

I’m going to ignore the video, seeing as it’s mostly concert footage and I consider those kinds of videos to be shabby, at best. Better left unmentioned!

So, I don’t like the song, but it’s well made. That can only mean one thing.


That Guy

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