Bruce Springsteen – I’m On Fire

Whilst this sounds like it might be a particularly unpleasant experience, it remains to be decided as to whether listening to the song is too – welcome to part of our Bruce Springsteen week.

Also known as “hump day”, for both dogs and camels.

It starts off well – it is, after all, only 2 minutes and 34 seconds long. I’ve had longer shits… today.

It feels very much like an attempt at a calmer song, along the same sort of lines as Streets Of Philadelphia, in that sense, though with a very different subject matter.

From what I garner from the lyrics, it’s a song about an individual who lusts for another, but the other is within a relationship. From the music video, I’m not entirely sure which person is doing the lusting, but I do know that Bruce had earned his “good ol'” nickname from my Streets Of Philadelphia review on Monday. What do you reckon?

Yeah, I know, he went to her house uninvited, BUT, she did give him what looked to also be house-keys. Plus, there’s clearly some level of attraction from her, to him – no-one is that good at fixing a car. Though, that said, Billy Joel clearly did something right in Uptown Girl… Maybe I’m in the wrong business…

I’m split on this one. I like it, but it’s not a style I normally enjoy. The slower pace, along with fairly speedy drum in the background, the synths, and the held words. I’m also not normally one for one-man harmonising, but it works well here. Bruce is clearly a man who can sing, and that’s something that has yet to be proven otherwise this week.


That Guy

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