Green Day – Basket Case

And now it’s day 5 of our Artist Focus on Green Day. This time, Basket Case. How can I have never heard this one before?

It’s definitely a more upbeat song, even if he thinks he might be a bit bonkers.

It’s a self-reflective song with them contemplating their sanity, seeking medical help to ascertain how things are, with a doc that clearly thinks Freud might be onto something, which in the end poses the possibility that perhaps, they’re just stoned.

Sometimes I give myself the creeps
Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me
It all keeps adding up
I think I’m cracking up
Am I just paranoid?
Or am I just stoned?

Now, that takes something away from it, for me. I’ve always been a fan of self-reflection (and last time, I decided I wasn’t a fan), but the idea that they would write it off as just being a state of high that is causing their psychological woes kind of disappoints me. That said, I haven’t seen the video yet. Let’s have a looksie.

Upon further reflection, having seen the video, I’m contemplating the possibility that, in fact, the medication to deal with the medical problem could, in itself, be the problem. We hear about drugs like Sertraline, an anti-depressant which in fact has the known side effect of increasing suicidal thoughts in young patients, which seems a bit counter productive to me, but what do I know, eh? I ain’t a doctor.

For one of their early pieces, it’s good, musically. The guitar and the drums work – just proof that they truly know how to play, for their performance to be superb across all five songs. And perhaps the video here shows why the drummer looks like he’s enjoying himself so much…


That Guy

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