Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere

Everywhere. Mid-way through our Artist Focus on Fleetwood Mac. Check it out.

I can’t even think of something funny to put here.

Everywhere is, quite simply, a love song. It’s also a colleague of mine’s wedding song.

Now, I’m not a fan of the tinkly beginning. I prefer it when the guitar and drums kick in, with the kick, the addition of a proper rhythm to it.

Now, the video makes it seem like a highwayman had a lover that was held hostage to draw him near and they both ended up dying and are now everywhere is some sort of love-having ghost-people. Not sure what I think of that – I’m fairly easy-going, and entirely supportive of the LGBTQ+, but I don’t know if that will last if it starts including ghosts too.

There’s no stand-out lyric, to me, it’s just got this generally romantic feeling to it, much like highwaymen, I guess.

Stand and deliver?

Point is, it’s just a song that you can truly see someone using as a romantic gesture towards a loved one – it’s flattering for someone to just want to be with you, regardless of where, and I can see it as romantic to some people. Add the music to that and you’re onto a winner.


That Guy

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