Fleetwood Mac – The Chain

Week three of our Artist Focus continues with The Chain, most commonly featured these days on Formula One. Man, I love Formula One. Or, at least, the crashes.

Now, we’ve already reviewed The Chain, but there’s a good chance that our opinion has changed since then. I’m not even going to LOOK at the other review, I’m just going to write this one.

The Chain, the part of a bicycle that often breaks.

I’m more into the instrumental part of this song – about 3 minutes in, the lyrics stop, it gets quieter and all you can hear is the drums and bass, as they and the guitar build up, and that’s the music they use for Formula One, and the reason I listened to the song in its entirety in the first place.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s something great about a live audience’s screams drowning out the best piece of music in the song, but I’m more of a “shut the fuck upĀ  and listen to the music” kind of guy…


I always thought the song had a bit of an Eastern feel to it – like, China, Malaysia, that sort of region. Then the lyrics come in and it loses that. Then we get to the bit that’s actually good, and it’s long, long gone.

So, I’ve hyped up the instrumental section, somewhat – it’s because I love it. I could take that and leave the rest of the song. And it’s because of that, that I need to drop it down a few points in the scoring. I love the song, but I love it because I can abide the three minutes prior to the F1 section, and the bits after, not because I like the song.


That Guy

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