Little Mix – Is Your Love Enough?

It’s week four of our Artist Focus series and we thought we’d modernise a little, thought we’d throw our safety net to the sea and see what it dragged up. We ended up with Little Mix. Think of that analogy what you will, it was improvised and I don’t do re-writes.

We kick off our Little Mix week with Is Your Love Enough?, a question I often find myself asking when I think about whether the cat should keep living with us.

Apparently it’s not enough to get it anywhere near as many listens as the rest of this week’s songs…

Now, I feel the need to state that Little Mix is not my usual kind of music. I’ve heard of exactly one of the songs this week, and that would be the top one which will be being published on Friday, and that’s only because for a period of time I listened to the radio. These days? Fuck knows what’s coming out nowadays, how do you lot keep up to date with it all?

Fuck knows, doc. Fuck knows.

Now, I know you probably expected this, but it’s not for me. It just feels so fake. I’m all about proper music, proper beats, proper voices and yet this feels like a performance, and whilst I know that any kind of musical performance is exactly that – a performance – this feels very fake to me. I don’t listen to it and hear the musicians behind the instruments, I don’t hear the emotion behind the lyrics, I just hear a generic pop song with generic sounds and generic lyrics with the purpose of selling to people who don’t know better.

That’s not to say, of course, that because you like it, that you don’t appreciate proper music – of course you do – I just prefer different music and sadly, this doesn’t made the grade for me.


That Guy

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