Little Mix – Reggaetón Lento

Little Mix week continues with the remix to Reggaetón Lento, whatever the hell that means. When did everything start needing to have a remix?

Okay, so, this is, apparently, CNCO with Little Mix, but it’s still on their list. Also, it has risen to 3rd place since the image above was taken, but I’d already written this review by that point and could be arsed to change the order. Why would I? Everything changes eventually. Just look at Heroes.

All but one of these people have high hopes… One of these people knows it’s doomed…

But enough side-swiping to random thoughts and excuses for being human, we’re here for a review, and a music review no less!

Now, I’m not a fan of this one either. I know, shock-horror. Why would I be, right?

I’m curious about something here, and I want to actually get answers to this. Please, let us know on Facebook, Twitter, my Tumblr (if you can find it!) or in the comments section at the bottom… Why does music these days have Latin-American themes to it? What is it about that style that’s so popular right now?

Personally, I just don’t get it. It’s not a theme I particularly enjoy the sound of, much less one that I’m enjoying hearing on repeat. This is the 5th time, now, and I must say, Dueling Banjos is much more enjoyable, even if that does come with flashbacks to that one scene in Deliverence, even though the two scenes are completely unrelated, other than being in the same film. It’s not like the music is playing while the guy’s being sodomised!

Anyway… back on track.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Latin American guitar work, the slight use of drums, but generally I just find it obnoxious, intrusive, and not at all enjoyable. And for me, that ruins any chance this song had of being worth listening to. Sorry, but it’s true.


That Guy

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