Jurassic world – Fallen Kingdom

Well, here i am again. Old unreliable me,,,. So onto the review!

First and foremost it’s important to remember that this movie had clown sized boots to fill. What with the creation of a fake website, fake park map, staged interviews, acted out set video, before opening spoilers, park trailers, posters and even an e-commercial, the sheer effort that went into making Jurassic world boggles the mind. Not to mention the fact that this is a reboot of Spielberg’s indomitable Jurassic park!

So this movie had a tyrannical mountain to climb before it started, almost unfairly really considering that it’s almost certainly been peddled out to make the studio and actors more money; whereas the first had a true cinematic goal in mind and set out to emulate Jurassic Parks success.

The Plot
Without going into too much detail, the main plot revolves around saving the dinosaurs from Isla Nublars volcano that has decided to now become active again and violently erupt.┬áThe main story line follows the genetics story, arching back to Jurassic Park and Dr. Hammond’s humble beginnings in the genetic recreation of dinosaurs. This movie really hatches that egg open and has a good analyse of what science and technology of that ability would mean: What would humans do with this ability? What are the limits, physically and morally? Should technology like that exist? Would we ever be able to undo it?

I like that the movie asks those questions and it was thought provoking in it’s reflection of humanities greed, scruples, moral codes and ethical practices. The only problem i had with it was that although i was sat there thinking about all these things, which means the movie got it message across, i wasn’t being entertained by it. The big decisions to force these questions for the characters didn’t effect me as much as i felt they should.

This distance was all so true of the sub plot of the love story between the two main protagonists, that is all so a continuation from the last movie. It works well to solidify this as the sequel to Jurassic world but it was a bore and felt cold. I just wanted them to get on with the task at hand and it’s very disappointing in relation to their last performance in JW.

The Action
I LOVE dinosaurs! So it’s no surprise i enjoyed the action in this movie. It was done in the same amazing style as JW and lost none of it’s ability to be tense, scary and heart pounding awesome. I will admit that it’s not as tense or scary or awesome as JW and doesn’t even come close to JP… but it’s still ground shaking good.

However, they reused the final battle from JW for this movie and recycling may save the planet, but not the movie. As well as that, almost everything was predictable. It takes the movie nearly an hour of set up just to get to Isla Nublar but thankfully after that slow a start the action does ramp up very quickly from this point onward! I just would have enjoyed it more if it hadn’t have had such a predictable flow once they get back to America. Everything up to that point is okay…. but the last 3rd is so generic i could have wrote it.

A big problem i had however was the depiction of stealth in the movie. Stealth is used by quite a few characters here for quite significant parts of the movie and although 1 character made it work really well, the rest just didn’t make sense! They don’t show these characters actually avoiding detection whilst surrounded by enemies for almost a quarter of the whole film, despite being in a situation when hiding is beyond essential, and i’m sure that’s purely plot Armour. It is because of this i never felt like i had to worry or be sacred for the main characters which sapped a lot of enjoyment out of the movie for me.

The Filming
This film was shot really well. The lighting, camera angles, the writing and dialogue were all very good. What the film lacked was substance and feel. If i had been given an emotional investment in the movie i would have thought a lot better of it, but the closest i get is a sad dinosaur death… it just wasn’t enough really. I can’t connect with the dinosaurs emotionally and i felt this movie was hinging on that dynamic to form with the audience. I can’t speak for anyone else in the room but for me it fell flat.

The acting was all so a little lack luster on some parts. The Villains could have played up to the cruelty of their rolls more. The protagonists were not as good as they were in JW and the new characters did not stand out in any way for me.

The final meteor to this movie for me was that i didn’t find it memorable. I didn’t dream of dinosaurs that night, and it didn’t cross my mind at all since then till writing this. If i can honestly just forget about it after it whole purpose was to be a thought provoking movie about the human condition aligned with scientific knowledge and ability, i think i can say this movie did not achieve what it set out to achieve.

It all gets summed up very well at the end of the movie where the main characters are given the choice that in itself defines the morals, ethics and consequences of every argument made for and against humanities use of technology to influence genetics and create. At this most crucial point we see the whole framework of the movie laid bare, as we should, and the decision gets made. I won’t tell you what decision that is but what i will say is i was not going through that moment with the characters when that scene was playing and i should have been.


The score
I really liked what this movie was meant to be about and what it represented. All so i really do love dinosaurs. Unfortunately, i wasn’t moved by this movie, nor did it’s message stay with me for much longer than the walk from the cinema to my car, so for that…

That Other Guy


One thought on “Jurassic world – Fallen Kingdom

  1. Thanks TTM. I was so tempted to give this movie a 4 but just couldn’t bring myself to do it…
    Thanks for reading, i’ll have another review up soon.


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