Little Mix – Shout Out To My Ex

It’s the last day of Little Mix week, and unlike a pick ‘n’ mix, we’ve been stuck looking at a rather mobile Top 5 list of songs from Spotify, and because of that, you’re getting an extra special treat today – two reviews from our Artist Focus. Here’s the first.

I can’t say there’s any of my exes that I’d backhandedly praise in song form for making me a better person, whilst also tearing them a new one…

So, like the caption above says, this is a song about an ex, one that is now with someone else in one way or another, and is providing a backhanded thank you for breaking their heart and turning them into the person that they are now.

It’s a bit weird in that sense, but it’s an upbeat song and that’s something I can get behind. It’s got some quirky lyrics, such as this gem:

I hope she gettin’ better sex
Hope she ain’t fakin’ it like I did, babe

Which reminds me quite a bit of Frankee with F U Right Back, which is a song I’ve always quite enjoyed. Not quite the same, malicious tone set by Frankee, more of a cheerful, humorous sort of song. I like cheerful, I like humour. This one, for me, is a winner.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t start singing it in the street on the way home from work, it’s not that kind of song (and trust me, I’ll do that with A LOT of songs), but it’s definitely one that I can find myself listening to at some point.

There’s just two questions I have, upon reflection whilst watching that video:

  1. Why was one of them learning to ride a bike?
  2. If they’re REALLY over their ex(es), why go to the effort of writing and performing a song about the situation? Surely better to let sleeping dogs lie, as I believe the phrase goes?

What do I know, though, eh? I’m a bloke, one that things these four are attractive, outstanding in their field, and produce songs that generally, I’m not that keen on. What a crazy circumstance.


That Guy

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