Queen – We Will Rock You

Good morning! After the moderate success of last week’s Artist Focus, we’re kicking off week five with something exceptionally British, which, when you consider that their front-man was born in Zanzibar, says a lot. I give you, Queen!

What a collection of songs. Five, in fact. And we’ll tackle them all during the course of this week. And that’s a promise.

We start with We Will Rock You, probably Queen’s second most recognisable song (second only to Bohemian Rhapsody, undoubtedly their most famous piece and often voted the nations’ favourite).

We Will Rock You starts with a distinctively memorable stomp and clap combination in the form of a two-one beat, which would be comprised of two crotchets and a minim, if that’s your jam. It’s a beat which audibly mesmerizes you, draws you in, and prepares you mentally for the famed tones of Freddie Mercury and the gang (which, personally, I think is a better name than Queen).

By the time we get to the chorus, the ensemble belting out of the titular words gets everyone in the mood for the song, regardless of whether you’re a boy, young man, hard man, old man or poor man, and it’s hard to fight the urge to clap, stomp or sing along. The fact that the two-one beat continues throughout the course of the song and the fact that it’s the only music until the final chorus (at which point the expert guitar work of Brian May kicks in) means that throughout, you can literally perform this song solo. It doesn’t sound good with just one person – you need the added oomph of a crowd of stomps and claps, as well as the power that a crowd gives the chorus, to make it work as well as Queen do.

All in all, I love it. It works as a song, it works as more than a song, capable of becoming an anthem with ease, is incredibly easy to learn, and bar the guitar work, is entirely feasible for the man on the street to perform. Personally, I love it. It’s not my favourite Queen song, that honour belongs to Hammer To Fall, which, sadly, is not a feature on this week’s songs, but We Will Rock You still deserves recognition for being a great song.


That Guy

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