The Greatest Show – The Greatest Showman Album

So, what i’m planning to do here is follow TG’s lead and review this album song by song, as he’s doing in his fantastic featured artist week series. The songs i’ll be reviewing, as promised, are the songs from The Greatest Showman, which was produced as an official album on CD which i bought. I’ll review the album after the review of the last song, and for the reviews i’ll only be counting full songs, not singing caveats or revisits. So fist and foremost appropriately, The Greatest Show!

The Greatest Show is the full song combination that was split into the intro and ending of the movie, so it’s awesome to hear the full thing knitted together as the composer intended.

The song lyrically tries to capture the amazement and joy felt at watching an impossible circus act in full swing and i have to say it does come in hard… not Mr. Brightside hard but you know your in for a treat when the build up is nearly a minuet long (TG, give this a listen as i know you’ll appreciate it!).

The music itself is a strong drum beat and sharp notes hit to a building background tone of percussion lead noise that creates an audible atmosphere within the music of the song. That detail, to reflect the crowds noise and the experience is a touch of genius.

The best way to experience the start of this song however is in the movie. The build up is shorter but they more than make up for that in visuals and when the beat matches the trot of the horses hooves makes my spine tingle with delight.

Thanks to Sweetdreampoison for the vid 🙂

From the view point of the song…. i can’t find anything wrong with the musicality or pacing and of course it’s preformed well. The only thing i say against it is the lyrics, although clever and relevant sometimes try too hard; and that is nit picking.

That Other Guy

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