A Million Dreams – The Greatest Showman Album

So recently i just decided to start my own business. Literally just the other day actually so i’m currently at the “I’m gonna start my own business! YES!!…. Alright… what now?…”. Apparently just saying the it out loud doesn’t make it happen. I realize i have boat load of hard work ahead of me and first i need to be a manager for a few years so i get a feel for what that’s like and managing finances… but every time i close my eyes, i can see the dream!

A Million dreams is a song that is soft to begin with, building throughout to a wonderfully strong crescendo at the end showing the journey from having a dream, then working on this vision, this non thing that only your mind can see and crafting it into a real tangible thing that you can celebrate.

This song puts piano center stage (I love a piano) coupled initially with a violin (match made in heaven) and then later the whole orchestra starts chiming in as it builds through to that amazing ending.

Amazing no less than 3 people sing this. Ziv Zaifman provides the voice for the young P.T. Barnum and carries the whole first half of the song. After that he is taken over by Hugh Jackman who commands the second chorus, and his vocals are then matched by those of Michelle Williams in the 3rd verse. There voices meld stupendously in the last chorus, again adding to the musical build towards that point.

This song has been well produced and very well sung. The musicality is fantastic and further more the effect the song has had on me has been inspiring, which to say it is a moving piece. It is a song lyrically that sings of hope for the future, ringing with passion and loaded with character, it is simply wonderful to listen to.

The only thing wrong with it is that this is all so sung as a growing love story towards a dream between two people and i feel the song has almost forgotten that. In the movie you can see the affection and growing commitment of love on the screen so it didn’t need to be highlighted so much in the song. When you analyse it you can see lyrically it’s all there but without the visual aids the love story gets lost within the dreamy vision of the song singing about making the impossible happen.

Just for that it’s not perfect but i can’t understate the personal effect this song has had on me and if you want to smile today, give it a listen – though over the top of the movie scene for the full effect.

That Other Guy

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