That Guy’s Top Five Queen Songs He Hasn’t Already Reviewed This Week

Righty-oh, folk. Here, you thought Queen week was over, but you were wrong! Because doing just five songs from a band as prolific as Queen is pretty much sacrilege, I’m going to detail out my Top Five Queen Songs that I haven’t already reviewed this week. Enjoy!

5 – A Kind Of Magic

It starts with the title, some clicking, and a list of abstract thoughts as the bass and drums start to get involved, followed by briefest snippets of electric guitar work, the sort that foreshadows the centre piece that is the bolts of magical music you’ll see in the video above, followed by the realisation that while not all music is magical, music is, itself, a kind of magic.

It’s a masterpiece, it’s a work of art, it’s a song you should listen to and watch.

4 – One Vision

One Vision is all about just getting on – we’re all the same deep down, we come from the same place, we all go to the same place, and there’s nothing else to it.

I had a dream,
When I was young,
A dream of sweet illusion,
A glimpse of hope and unity,
And visions of one sweet union,

And of course, as well as seeing them enjoy themselves in that video, listening to stunning drumming, guitar work and Freddie’s trademark vocalising, it ends with everyone’s favourite meaty treat. Fried chicken!

3 – I Want To Break Free

I Want To Break Free, everyone’s favourite cross-dressing music video. Though, that said, I now can’t listen to this without remember Katie Price’s attempt at it

It’s a good song, a great one, in fact. Can we ever be truly sure, when we break up with someone, that this is what we actually want? Yes, we can. We really can, and whilst the song itself doesn’t really answer the matter, it’s still a classic, and it’s my 3rd favourite song we haven’t already reviewed this week.

2 – I Want It All

I Want It All has it all. The lyrics (to follow), guitar, drums, a decent bass and the vocals that only Freddie and wannabes can provide. My own personal favourite lyric of the song?

I’m a man with a one track mind
So much to do in one lifetime (people do you hear me)
Not a man for compromise and where’s and why’s and living lies

I enjoy listening to it, it motivates me in ways I haven’t heard a song motivate me in years. What else could a man want?

1 – Hammer To Fall

I love Hammer To Fall – it’s a superb song, definitely my favourite at the moment, with it’s guitar intro, the drums backing it up brilliantly, and genius lyrics. My favourite?

You don’t waste no time at all
Don’t hear the bell but you answer the call
It comes to you as to us all
Yeah, we’re just waiting for the hammer to fall, yeah

We all die, eventually. Don’t get nervous about it, don’t seek it out, don’t make it happen to you or anyone else. Just accept it as a part of life. It’s all you can do, at the end of the day. That’s what it’s about, sort of. Oh, and there’s this gem in there too.

What the hell are we fighting for?
Ah, just surrender and it won’t hurt at all

You know, back in 1984. So political, right? Awesome.


So that’s my top five, but here are a few honourable mentions…

So what we can take from this is this… Queen did some fantastic songs, some truly great ones. They’re worth sitting and listening to – have a listen to a greatest hits or something, you’ll almost certainly not regret it.

That Guy

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