Come Alive – The Greatest Showman Album

So I’ve just got back from seeing Mamma Mia: Here we go again, review to come soon! Only it’s late, i’m in need of rest and we have more songs to cover, so i digress…

This is the party anthem of the album, by far. This song is fun, fast and fantastic! It is lyrically demanding of Hugh to sing to its fullest but of course he pulls it off and this song is strong.

The music in this song is more straight forward than the songs before it. Using strong, distinct but simple sounds like a bell chime, a drum beat and a violin strum, all mixed together to create a commanding atmosphere of excitement.

The song lyrics speak of attitude. The attitude of people put down by others and those whom put them down, building up the confidence of the first to prove themselves and asking the latter to open to something new. I like this message as it can be understood by many people, meaning they can all join in the fun and thus making the true meaning of this song inclusivity (apparently that’s not a word – it should be).

Sadly however there is a problem i found with it… not everything and can be perfect and in this case the song lacks presence. In all honesty this IS a fantastic song but it’s not the song you remember. It doesn’t stand out on the album and by all its credits it should but surrounded by so much other talent it just gets lost in the mix. It’s just another song and for a party anthem that just doesn’t cut it.

That Other Guy


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