The Other Side – The Greatest Showman Album

It has been hot! I don’t know what its like where you are but here in England it is baking! Now i personally love it. I am thin enough and tolerant of heat enough that i can just thoroughly enjoy it but even i’m getting annoyed at it now, not for myself, but for my friends that are suffering for it. I wish they could be on the other side of the planet so they are no longer suffering, and i can enjoy the heat in peace.

By far my favorite song from the whole album, this song… really to enjoy it fully, you want to watch it in the movie, and i know that sounds like it doesn’t say much for the song but trust me, the visuals are only to watch probably the best barman act in action.

This song is the crafting of the deal between the main protagonist and a person he feels he must do business with to be successful. The background noises of tapping and things sliding on wood are because this song was recorded with bar sounds included; not only for the films sake but for the ambiance of the song as well. You see some credit Barnum as being the creator of the “Drunk deal” or “Drinkers contract”; the idea you get someone drunk so they are more agreeable to a business deal you propose later that same evening. So next morning they wake up not only with a hangover but now all so working for you. The British royal navy had employed this tactic many years before but i suppose the difference here is that they are at least saying yes to you… even if they don’t mean to.

This song is unique because it is a lyrical duet with both male voices, and the voices of Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron no less, both extremely talented singers in their own right making this quite a treasured song. It shows how Efrons character is reluctant at first but Barnum’s famous charm and more than a boot full of alcohol finally bring him round to singing Barnum’s tune.

This songs vocal talent leaves it dripping with charisma from both singers. Listening to this song you really feel yourself going through their motions. Musically it’s diverse, picking up and slowing down tempo, changing pitch at a time of importance… though you never lose track of where you are with it – it’s not complicated.

It is fun! Listening to them sing a deal with each other has not grown old on me yet. I feel this song has no obvious flaw…

That Other Guy

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