Never Enough – The Greatest Showman Album

So i said it was hot earlier; boy was i wrong! Today is hitting last week out of the park and i honestly can’t say that i’m comfortable today. I really feel for the little ones on days like today because it’s not fair on them to be this hot and uncomfortable. Not to mention the kids get grumpier real quick. I think i’ll sleep with an ice pack tonight.

This is the stand alone and stand out song of the musical for the talented voice of Loren Allred, who has found well deserved global acclaim off the back of this performance. Playing the famous Swedish Nightingale Jenny Lind she must have felt under a lot of pressure to deliver on this song so i have to take my top hat off to her for nailing it.

Now i can’t say how well she did in comparison to Jenny Lind as I’ve never heard her sing… but i know you don’t become a legend for nothing so going by her reputation alone, i stress again how good this performance had to be.

That being said, this song is just stunningly powerful and beautiful. When i say this song is powerful i don’t just mean it’s sung loudly – it grips you. It pulls you in and makes you listen and has you silent in awe and wonder; or at least that was the effect at the cinema.

Courtesy of Atlantic Records

Loren Allred sings this song with power and commitment, emotionally and to it’s fullest. The song is basically just a chorus with a hook to start but that makes it memorable and allows Allred the licence she needed to make the song her own. Compared to the complexity of the songs and meanings we’ve seen before this i think that was a very smart move to give the artist so much reign over the song so she could be in control of it when she is singing it.

This song is a pleasure to be enraptured within and Allred’s voice is one of those voices that gives you chills. It is such a simple but effective song, and so for that i’ll give it a

That Other Guy

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