Tegan And Sara – Everything Is Awesome

Righty-oh, it’s time for another week of Artist Focus, this time looking at The Lonely Island. But… Wait… That doesn’t say The Lonely Island. Aha! because they featured on this one, and that puts us onto a very, very weird start. But, fuck it, right? Let’s get on with the review!

Island’s ain’t lonely. The sea waves at them all day.

We’re gonna keep these reviews short this week – nothing too extensive in terms of information, just simple, honest opinions. That’s what we’re here for, right?

It’s an upbeat song about everything being awesome, every negative thing having a positive to it, every cloud having a silver lining, but it comes across very much as a propaganda song. Imagine if they turned the Pledge of Allegiance into a song… Well, that’d be weird right? Well, in a way, this feels like that would.

That said, I could totally see this being played at a club or something – it’s got a good beat to it, and whilst it feels like a remix anyway, I know for a fact that someone would probably be willing to remix it and play it at a club. In fact, here’s a remix. I’m not listening to it though – I avoid them like the plague.

I don’t consider this a great song. It has a few lazy lyrics alongside the good ones. Examples…

Blue skies, bouncy springs, we just named a few awesome things


Dip my body in chocolate frostin’
Three years later wash off the frostin’

The, er… The good lyric was the first line, in case you couldn’t tell. I find the combination of the good and the bad just makes it ugly, and mediocre. And let me tell you something, if there’s anything, anything at all that understand here at TGTRS, it’s mediocrity.


That Guy


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