The Lonely Island – Jack Sparrow

Now, with most of their songs, The Lonely Island have a featuring artist – this time, it’s Michael Bolton.

So, it comes across as a story about Bolton fucking up the song by throwing lyrics that reference films, starting with the Pirates Of The Caribbean series, moving onto Forrest Gump, Erin Brockovich and Scarface.

Now, that’s just mental. There’s no other way of putting it – just absolutely mental. It comes across as a club song, and the lyrics are, again, where it’s let down by mediocrity. There’s some great lines…

Watch it girl cause I ain’t your “Mr. Nice Guy”,
More like the “meet ya take you home and fuck you twice guy”

but the entire joke of the song, the cinema references, just don’t stand up to scrutiny, and to be honest it just isn’t that funny either.

Other than the odd good line, the only thing that redeems it at all, for me, is the fact that it is, in itself, a piss take of itself. It’s not trying to be series, and I can respect that, but I also don’t like it.


That Guy

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