Rewrite the stars – The Greatest Showman Album

So i started Samsung Health recently. That was a mistake… I’ve learned i exercise too much and don’t eat enough. I’m not quite sure with how consistently i do both those things, how i’m still here to write about it. But i am, so on with the show!

So, the song of the subplot! Zac Efron and Zendaya sing the song of their on screen romance and it’s not really until they sing this song that you take their story that seriously. The love story between their two characters is well acted but underwhelming as a story throughout, with the exception of this song, however, does that cheapen the song?

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I’m gonna be honest here – this is a lovely song. The lyrics are beautiful, i mean:
“What if we rewrite the stars, say you were meant to be mine.”
I mean you sing that at a wedding and it would feel suited. Plus the lyrical struggle between the two singers…. We can be together, no we can’t, yes we can! That is great to listen to; and that ending!

However i have some serious problems with this song. They clearly wrote it for Zac and Zendaya’s voices for the purpose of filling the sub plot of the movie. I feel that without this song, that story within the story wouldn’t have mattered – we don’t see it really come to anything at the end of the film anyway, and like the sub plot this song feels like it was treated as an after thought. It has been brilliantly crafted to suit the singers to fill a role that is rather unnecessary.

Would the movie have missed this song if it wasn’t there? I don’t think so… and i don’t think it’s that good as a song either. It sounds like it was shouted instead of sung from half way through to the end and the music is just loud and obvious. It makes it’s presence felt as a song but i can’t help but feel it’s drawing attention to itself because it has the most to prove, because if it and it’s reason for creation were not there, no one would care and TGS would still have been a huge success. This song is excessive.

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