The Lonely Island – I’m On A Boat

Yet another featuring artist song, this time, T-Pain… Whoever the fuck that is.

Now, before we begin, I feel that it is important to point out that even I, with a fondness for profanity, find the use of the term “motherfucker” a little excessive here. Though, that said, it might be roughly level with how often Samuel L Jackson would like to hear it.

But beyond that, there’s very little substance. It works had to throw in as many boat references and jokes as possible, but it fails to actually be funny, which is surely the purpose of a comedy song?

I don’t enjoy the song, I think it’s trying too hard, and I’ll be honest, the Samuel L Jackson video I linked is genuinely more worthwhile to watch than the music video we’re here for. I’m not laughing, I’m not singing along, I’m just disappointed.


That Guy

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