Tightrope – The Greatest Showman Album

I was thinking earlier about something a friend of mine said the other day, “There is no air conditioning in this country! None!”… and i have to agree with her. There is no air-con in our homes, in our stores and in very few of our retail establishments. Basically unless we are in our cars, the cinema or a shopping mall we are all sweating away as one nation under 1 sun. It’s actually quite unifying, when you think about it.

Another song from the album that it could have done without. Sure, it has more place than Rewrite the stars because at least it’s part of the plot that everyone cares about but they didn’t need to add a song for Michelle Williams character as a solo. The story wouldn’t have suffered for it.

This song is almost a mirror to a million dreams, reflecting Michelle’s characters decision to go with Barnum and live his dream with him. It speaks of mountains and valleys which are the ups and downs and walking between them on a tightrope, this thin line between the “breathtaking view” of success and the “fall” of failure.

The lyrics are metaphorically clever, relating to the circus theme as it talks of living another a persons dream, shearing in their best and worst moments together. This is done as at this point in the movie Barnum has just gone on tour away from his family and Charity is coming to terms with him not being around, missing him but more importantly missing shearing in his dream.

However, this only points out the charismatic aura that Barnum had and how he made the people around him feel. I think this song more points to the emptiness you feel when someone like that fills your life for so long in so many ways and then leaves you behind. You can be made by a manipulative person to feel lost when they are not around like you need them in your life for it to feel meaningful.  To this end maybe this is the only song in the musical that points to the true manipulative nature and effect that the records of the real Barnum showed he had on people.

Never the less, regardless of whether this song was necessary or not and forgetting it’s true meaning or message, i personally find this song lack luster. I find it a dull love song, with some beautiful lyrics and sung well but it doesn’t stand out as anything special.

That Other Guy


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