The Lonely Island – I Just Had Sex

Featuring Akon, this is the song that both introduced me to The Lonely Island, and made me choose them for this week’s artist focus. I was, therefore, disappointed to find that most of their great songs – such as Motherlover, The Golden Rule and Jizz In My Pants were not in the top five songs. But, them’s the breaks. Here we go!

This is a fantastic song. It’s something that most of us can relate to on some level, either because we remember a great sexual encounter, or we have just had sex, or because we’re fucking nerds and sex is one of things that we don’t take for granted.

That said, this song is the poster boy for how not to address having sex, with other people.

For the most part, the lyrics are good, with some witty wording and amusing imagery. For example:

Oh hey, didn’t see you there
Guess what I just did
Had sex, undressed, saw her boobies and the rest
Well sure
Nice of her to let you do that thing
Nice of any girl ever
Now sing
It’s a cheerfully absurd song, and to me, it highlights the inequality of the bedroom with the man having clearly enjoyed the experience and the women found lacking, only really noticed in the video.
Throw the pieces into a pot, it should taste like a good song, but for some reason, there’s just enough saltiness to make this one a masterpiece.
That Guy

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