ABBA – Take A Chance On Me

At special request, this week’s Artist Focus is directed at ABBA – this, funnily enough, almost coincides with the release of Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, which I will not, under any circumstances, be going to see. Not for you, not for me, not for anybody. Nope, not gonna happen, stop mentioning it, let’s got on with the review.

Take A Chance On Me? Why not? I’m reliable. Honest.

I already knew I liked this song before I started listening to it for the review. It’s a catchy song, it’s something we can sort of relate to, and who doesn’t appreciate a bit of repetition in the background? Isn’t that why we all love Sandstorm?

I’ve always been quite curious why no-one in the Remain camp has tried to do a pro-EU version of this, since the referendum. Perhaps, one day, we’ll discuss why not on our political opinion site, A Politikal Mynd. Check it out if you’re into Corbyn or May, Lucas or Cable, Sturgeon or Farage…

I’ve always thought they look so happy singing this song too – for a song about saying that someone’s cute and that, if by the end of the night, no-one else has picked them up, you’ll have ’em, which must be a somewhat depressing thought for the recipient of the song, it’s exceptionally upbeat. But what do I know? Everyone that knows me, knows I’m not one for nightclubs. That and no-one has EVER flirted with me at a nightclub.

The beat is easy to follow, the lyrics fairly soft on the ears, plus there’s that challenge aspect of doing the backing vocals without stumbling over your words. As a sing-a-long-er, what more can a guy want? Not sure about the dance moves though…


That Guy

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