From now on – The Greatest showman album & Album score

Funny that i should procrastinate for writing this songs review which has a very pro-active message. Almost intentionally ironic on my part; maybe it was… 

From now on is the final song of the album but not the movie. That was the right choice as finishing on part two of The Greatest Show shows how everything has come back round and exhibits the change in Barnum that the whole movie was working towards. This was however, the final full song and it is a good finale to the story told through the album.

Turn up the volume for the first bit…

Hugh Jackman takes on this last song with power and vigor. The Piano and stings dominate the first half, and percussion rises with the chorus of backing singers to create that atmosphere of triumph, jubilation and enjoyment that we have grown use to throughout the songs in this album.

This comes across as a supported ballad and it is very repetitive, easy to learn like a war cry. This is to show Barnum’s resolve and full rebound back into the limelight of his own life. It is thoroughly enjoyable to sing to and no matter where you play it, the song has a presence that fills the room – what more can you ask of a ballad?

However it does finish weak and its lack of lyrical versatility may add to its karaoke factor but it takes away from the opportunity to have said more at the end. This is the albums ultimate crescendo, its final moment, its curtain call and i am disappointing that it ends by welcoming the curtain descending instead of fighting it. The movie ends Barnum’s story on the meaningful note of realizing what is truly important. This song mirrors the movies visuals and message in its music and lyrics but not in how it just fades out. I can’t get over this, it deserved a stronger ending!


Which brings me to my final part, the albums score. The Greatest Showman Movie Soundtrack gets from me:

That Other Guy



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