ABBA – Dancing Queen

And this is the song that absolutely EVERYBODY knows.

But still not as good as Rowan Atkinson dancing to Does Your Mother Know

Dancing Queen, the song that everybody knows. If you’ve heard of ABBA, this is the song that you know. Don’t argue, just start dancing. Find that lover, get out of your dancing mood, this is your chance, now be the dancing queen.

Not sure what came over me there, must have been the tambourine beat.

From the opening piano riff to the easy-listening lyrics, it’s a simple song, not at all complicated to sing to, to dance to, or even to play (from my layman’s perspective). It’s the kind of thing that gets popular due to the simplicity. Other than a few choice tonal slides on words like high, it’s so simple. So simple. I like simple. Do you?

Of course you do! You’re here! Why else would you be here?

It’s catchy, I found myself typing to the rhythm at one point, sort of, but managed to slap myself out of it. I’m a sucker for a beat. Sometimes I find myself typing to music tunes at work, which makes for some mild entertainment, but at the same time, doesn’t tend to go alongside an efficient or productive workplace environment. Maybe that’s where I’m going wrong. Maybe I’m just one of those guys that isn’t productive or efficient? That would explain why this review has, at a push, 75 words of review, despite being over 250 words long. Because you already know what I think, or at least I think you do, and so we’re not here for the music review, we’re here for how I can add random crap to it. Nearly at 300 words, and funnily enough, Super Trouper has come on. Better wrap this up before the lights find me.

It’s a good song. I like Dancing Queen. Not their best work, but a good song.


That Guy

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