Avenged Sevenfold – Shepherd of Fire

Our Artist Focus takes a bit of a turn this week, as we look at Avenged Sevenfold, at the request of my partner. She reckons they had a UK number one, once. Apparently, that’s Friday’s song, Hail To The King, so that’s something for us all to look forward to, I’m sure.

Avenged Sevenfold, a band with five members, only three of which I cared enough to catch in the picture.

As I type, I listen, as regular readers will know, and truth be told, the burning sound mixed with the tolling of a bell makes me unhappy with what I expect to be experiencing for the rest of the 5 minutes 23 seconds. Then the guitar comes in, it’s a typical heavy metal riff, the drums start to kick in and all of a sudden, I actually find myself enjoying the music. But what of the vocals?

My initial thought when the vocals kicked in was that this could very easily come across as a Bon Jovi song or something – then it gets distinctly more heavy metal in tone, in musical style, in, well, everything.

It’s quite a catchy opening line, actually – not the manner in which it is sang, sadly, but the words themselves…

Lets take a moment and break the ice
So my intentions are known

It sorta reminds me of Sympathy For The Devil, in the sense that it’s a very introductory line for a person, as opposed to, well, a song. It’s just a lyric that makes you want to hear what’s going on.

So, the verdict.

I like the music, I don’t like the vocals. It’s a song that, much like some of the stuff Steve Oiumette does, sounds great in terms of the musical accompaniment – he, in fact, along with Dragonforce, was my introduction to heavier metal, and I don’t mind some awesome drums, bass and guitar work, alongside some angsty vocals (please don’t shoot me for that), but I’ve always been more keen on the music in these sorts of songs. For singing, I much prefer something a bit softer, something a bit more fluid, something that you can just sing along to – this feels like it’d be more like an exorcism than a sing-a-long, if you tried.


That Guy

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