Avenged Sevenfold – Nightmare

Nightmare. Wanna know a nightmare? Trying to be impartial for a review that you are 90% sure you won’t enjoy. That’s my nightmare. Or one, at least. Another one is that one where you have to do some form of public speaking and realise, far too late, that you’ve forgotten your trousers.

I still regret my intrigue.

This song, sitting at 6 minutes 14 seconds, feels like an eternity. I’m not fond at all. It’s got some good drumming, it’s got some varied lyrical tones and even a – shock, horror – swear word in it. Does that make it enjoyable? No.

I find that for a song about something being someone’s nightmare, it’s rather relaxed, rather tame and not at all that interesting. I mean, where’s the vivid description of a horrifying nature? Where’s the violins? Where are the violins?!?

Now, the video actually feels somewhat psychologically horrifying, but it isn’t enough to salvage the song, or even maintain my attention.

Sorry Avenged Sevenfold, you’re just starting to bore me now.


That Guy

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