Avenged Sevenfold – Hail To The King

Righty-oh. It’s day five of Avenged Sevenfold week – the final day, after so much waiting.

Just so you all know, I legit don’t even listen to the new songs from these reviews until I’m writing. Sure, there’s a few I know anyway, but most I’m reviewing based on my first, second, third and sometime fourth listens. It makes for better opinions, I think. Though, not necessarily better writing!

Hail To The Chief opens with some great guitar, adds in what sounds like a bell tolling on a drum, adds another guitar and then some more drums.And that’s the premise of the first minute and five seconds of the song. It works, it’s a good buildup to what could be a lyrical masterpiece. Let’s find out, shall we?

Now, this song experiences the same pitfalls as the rest of the songs from this week. The lyrics just don’t appeal to me. I’m more fond of this song as an instrumental, I think – I could easily see Eric Johnson performing this without the vocals and absolutely loving it. As such, I look more favourably on this song than most of the others this week, but I don’t love it. Far from it.


That Guy

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