David Bowie – Starman

We reach the half-way mark on our David Bowie week with the third of his big space related songs – Starman – which featured in The Martian, which you should watch if you haven’t already. Or you could click the link and read the review on it.

I can’t get over how angry Bowie looks, at what appears to be his listening figures.

Starman tells story of a duo who hear some radio interference and believe it to be a man from outer space, who tells them that he’d visit if he could, and not to give up on everything because if you keep at it, the reward is worth the effort.

It’s an upbeat – in the chorus at least – song, with plenty of apt musical accompaniment for the unusual set of lyrics. I imagine that the music is the music from the song that was playing before they heard the message from the Starman. I also think they’ve been smoking something they shouldn’t, and that the whole thing is a vivid imagination.

Still, beautifully told, at the very least.


That Guy

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