Cardi B – Be Careful

As previously advertised, this is the final week of our Artist Focus feature – as such, we’ve opted for trying to make this one a week to remember; a week that reminds you all that we’re here to review things, to experience various medias and tell you what we think of them, so that if it’s not your cup of tea, you don’t have to.

So, welcome to Cardi B Week.

I hear Cardi B, and I think Cardigan.

I’d heard of Cardi B, but hadn’t knowing heard anything of Cardi B., so let’s remedy that and spend a week writing reviews of her top five Spotify songs. The list is above, as usual, and the review below. Let’s get cracking!

There’s a few choice lyrics in this song, some that I feel comfortable sharing, some that I don’t, mostly as a result of the racial undertone from the words themselves. So, I’m going to let you listen to it and hear the words for yourselves.

See what I mean?

It comes across as a particularly pissed off break up song, not that unlike something we all heard from Frankee all those years ago. I don’t find this anywhere near as endearing, however. It just comes across as malicious, rather than reactionary; offensive, rather than defensive. The tone with which her vitriol is spewed fits with the theme – that of a woman cheated on and spurning the man she would have married – but at the same time, it doesn’t feel like the right way for the song to deal with it. The entire manner just feels wrong to me.

The music is as bland as unmoistened Wheatabix, with about as much likelihood of satisfying my palate. I’m not overly choosy, I just want to enjoy what I listen to, and sadly for this, I did not.


That Guy

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