Cardi B – Motorsport

Now, I like a bit of Motorsport. Formula 1, mostly. Monaco? Can’t get enough of it. A song by a prolific curser, with the name Motorsport? Let’s find out.

Oh look, another “explicit” warning!

Now, first off, this is a song with Migos and Nicki Minaj (not sure who Migos is, but Nicki’s the one with the Anaconda/Bun thing going on, right?). Now, so far, as I listen, it’s mostly this Migos bloke sort of talk-singing in that rap way which sounds kinda shit.

I’m not feeling it – it’s just feeling like a terrible string of lyrics with no worthwhile meaning to them. Maybe it’s because it’s gone midnight, but maybe it’s because the lyrics mean fuck all.

Cardi B has kicked in, spouting out more stuff about how great she is, and how bad other women are. I quote,

These hoes ain’t, what they say they are
And their pussy stank, they’re catfishin’
Same hoes, that was sendin’ shots
They reachin’ out like their back itchin’

Maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s not, but the fact that she’s so determined to put other women down just doesn’t feel like a very pro-modern theme. What happened to girl power? What happened to rounding on blokes and making yourself known? What happened to bra-burning?!? Cardi B sounds like she’s trying to turn #MeToo into #WhyYou?, trying to assert herself as this so-much-better person, when really she just comes across as insecure about her place.

Cardi, we get it. We get it, okay? Now show some love for your fellow woman – they don’t deserve your hate.


That Guy

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