Cardi B – I Like It

This is the last song of Artist Focus – perhaps, one day, it will be back by popular demand, but we’ll see. For now, enjoy the last song of the series. I know I won’t.

I Like It? I think not.

Scratch that, I know that. I known that I don’t like it. It’s another expletive-laden homage to women-hating from a woman’s perspective. That said, I appreciate the multi-lingual aspect. Too few songs nowadays heavily feature foreign languages and this is one of those songs that manages to¬† have a substantial portion in more than just the one language, even if we know that one of them is effectively a gender-inspired-hate-speech. Still, at least no-one’s tweeting!

It comes across as very Latino, which is fine, I think it’s the point. Think Day of the Dead celebrations with a bit of Spring Break thrown in and then BOOM, you’ve got this song. But it isn’t for me. It might be for you, but it sure as shit isn’t for me. Nu-uh. No way.


That Guy

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