Greatest – Kamikaze by Eminem

No review yesterday. If you were expecting this song at some point in the last 24 hours, you were right to, and i planned to. Unfortunately last night i took a funny turn, felt the vapors… was ill. I’m back now for a review or two, so sorry about that and on with the show!

Well, he’s not humble… but then does he have to be at this point? Eminem has achieved global acclaim, million and millions of fans and many critics choice as the best rap artist ever. With all that under his belt, yeah, i’d suck my own dick to…

All joking aside though, love him or hate him, he is by measure of industry achievement the best rapper currently in the world, and that produces a lot of critic of his work, a lot of hate, some jealousy it has to be said and a hell of a lot of attention! So hitting hard and fast with his second song of the album, straight in after waving goodbye to the failures of his past in the last song is Greatest where he basically sings about his success, like so:

I know it’s a lyrics vid but it’s the best i could find among the fakes on YT, play it double speed and it’s the song.

So he rips into this song, bringing up some dramas that other rappers are trying to cause with him; if your not familiar with the scene don’t worry, there’s not too much of that at all because, again as he says so himself, he’s too big to reply to stuff like that. Eminem knows his position is on the world stage, at the front of rap, making headlines, not answering challenges from others in the industry.

The musicality is solid really popping out the chorus, where he raps about he may be the greatest in the world. Facts aside, he doesn’t do it as arrogantly as he could have done. Sure, he is definitely bragging but this could have been a lot more dirty, more personal and insulting and brash but instead he puts some focus on the pressure of being considered great, again letting out a little anger at critics and talking about the personal pressures, like when going platinum isn’t good enough.

This song for me is a great song because it stands out, it’s classic Eminem and it’s done brilliantly.

That Other Guy

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