Lucky you (ft. Joyner Lucas) – Kamikaze by Eminem

Life always has a way of making you see the bad things, the darker and uglier sidel . No matter how rich, materialistically or spiritually you become life always has a way of making you feel a struggle. We all live with a weight on our life and if we shift it, another one appears to fill the gap. The truth is we do shake off our problems and the weight does get lighter… it only feels the same because we forget the weight we use to carry.

Lucky you is a rap about rap, as a career and the up comers in the genera. It’s artistically very creative as it points out the similarities from the differences of these two rap artists, one highly successful and the other still really waiting for recognition.


It’s impressive how this song delivers it’s intended meaning whilst all so being used as a platform by both artists to have a say from their own perspective on the state of things. Eminem uses this song to attack the growing number of young rappers who mumble their words or make up nonsense non-words to fill gaps in their lyrics. With the name of this album we knew he would be diving straight in and attacking his image and his nay-sayers but i didn’t realize he’d use it to criticize the industry itself.

It’s a brilliantly put together song and worth listening to for all the right reasons.

That Other Guy

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