Paul (Skit) – Kamikaze by Eminem

Just a quick one here as this isn’t a song, but it is interesting that he included this audio recording from his answer phone in the album, and near the start as well. I think, if we look back on the 3 songs and messages so far he’s admitted he’s had failures in the past but points out that he is all so one of the best in the industry, and then picks fault with that industry for taking what he feels is a wrong direction with the new talent being bought through.

With that in mind i think this is here for the industries benefit. He’s saying to all the rappers he’s pissed off and to all the labels that support and protect them that ‘look, i’m being told this isn’t a good idea! I know this isn’t what i should be doing!’ but maybe he feels an album like this is the only way left to get his point across and the rappers coming for him  will only understand that he is serious about being too big to respond to their challenges by doing so in the first place so he can prove he’s been told not to.

It’s like punching a kid who has spent all day trying to piss you off in the face at school in front of the teacher. The kid gets the benefit of hearing you be told off so they know you weren’t suppose to do that, but only after you’ve already punched them. I think this album is meant to be that punch, not so much thrown to shut the other rappers up but to prove that he’s not chicken; it’s just the industry expects him to be better than that.

That Other Guy

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