Em calls Paul skit- Kamikaze by Eminem

So this is where we take a bit of a dark turn and things get quite real as in a reply to Paul’s (from Paul (Skit) – Kamikaze by Eminem) call, he phones back and leave a message that in essence says two key things.

1 = He is not out to answer every rappers challenge or face down every critic of his work.

2 = He’s on his way to a nothing reviewers house that he reckons he’s tracked down to have it out with him over the guys review of Revival in person. Now as a knows little knows nothing reviewer myself i am very unnerved by the notion of Eminem showing up at my flat and facing me down over something I’ve typed. I’m sure that is the point of this bit!

Hearing a SatNav in the background and the clear sound of driving adds to the fear that this may be something he’s actually done or does, and that is making me think twice before i type my next sentence. He quotes the reason he’s found this guy is because he wrongly stated a miss rhyme as part of a song… so i think he’s trying to send a message to us critics, do your homework and know what you’re talking about before you say something.

That Other Guy

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