Normal- Kamikaze by Eminem

Sorry I’ve been inconsistent everyone; I’ve been ill. Of course it would happen just as i decide to take reviewing seriously again! It seems the universe is trying to tell me something – but i will insist to not listen and keep buggering on.

So i gotta be honest and say i get this song. I understand how a twisted “i hate you, but i need you” love can be so addictive. They are the easiest things to fall into and the hardest to break out of.

I think Eminem in this song is only singing from his own personal experience and not about Women in general here, though it could easily be misheard by someone as being that way. I don’t see any reason to hate on this song really… i do not think it’s one of his best, at all really but it is Eminem expressing himself.


The music of this song grates on my ears and i feel like this is one of those songs that’s just an album filler. I don’t really understand it’s point in this album so i can only conclude he needed a few more minuets adding or he genuinely wrote this as how he feels and knew it wouldn’t stand alone as a single.

That Other Guy

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