Stepping stones – Kamikaze by Eminem

I’m just gonna get right to this…


Period! End of. This is early Eminem, doing what he used to do, rapping about real problems! Real life, in this case the split of D12. If you don’t know the story, there is plenty of people and fans out there in the cyber-verse who’ll happily break it down for you but suffice to say for this review, he feels like he used the group as a stepping stone to independent success on the back of its failure and he feels bad about that.


He hits home how he feels in this song by rapping from his heart and getting those double meanings he’s famous for running throughout. He touches on the guy code, he calls out Bizz and he lets them all know by the end of the song that he still values their friendships but that D12 is over. This is REAL, and that is what i love about it – it’s special.

That Other Guy

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